Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrambling Eggs~Scrambling Menus

This time of year is always a bit of a juggle in Rock River Restaurants. We're ramping up for the summer tourist season, testing new ideas, juggling fresh ingredients, training new staff and have not quite enough customers yet.

This year, we're beating a lot of eggs. Trenary Ducks & More got certified some months ago so we now have a great source of local eggs. We're feeling better about eggs than we have since we opened our first restaurant two years ago. I'd gotten to a point last summer where I was ready to let go of cooking breakfast, quite frankly, until we could find happy chickens. The prayer (demand) has been answered, finally. And it's been answered with not only happy chickens, but with another signature ingredient the Rock River Fresh & Local brand is excited to put in the menu: duck eggs.

And there's more to come... in July we plan to be offering Light of Day Organics tea, Mitten Munch, and Just Good Chocolate. Local is so fantastically wonderful!

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